Astronaut Trainer - a new educational app for training your little astronauts

Hello I'm Dom. I have a six year old son. Last year I was looking for an app for him. I wanted something that would be fun but could also teach him about Space and our Solar System. Inspire him even. I found nothing.

So I decided to make one myself. That's how Jetpack Journeys was born.

First we made Jetpack Journeys, and now I'm proud to present a follow up, Astronaut Trainer! There are no goals, no stresses, and NO IN-APP PURCHASES! Children are free to enjoy five game modes and spend as much time as they wish in each. They can't fail in any of the tasks, but they will unlock educational facts (beautifully narrated) about space along the way. As they progress, they will be rewarded with more fun and interesting facts to help expand their young minds.

Learn to navigate

Tilt your phone to roll around the maze and navigate your way to the next planet. See if you can pick up all of the tokens along the way, but watch out for the asteroids!

Learn to fly

Get your little ones up and flying in no time with our pilot training! Take control of your rocket ship and pick up tokens as you hurtle through space. Try to avoid the asteroids... or enjoy smashing your way along to your destination.

Learn to recognise & match

Work on your little astronauts recognition skills in this fun little match-up game. Try and match all the pairs of space objects to complete the task and unlock extra space facts!

Learn the order of our solar system

Get their cosmic ordering skills in gear at an early age with this little number. Put the planets in the right order, or let us give you some clues if you're struggling. See if they can get a clean run to unclock all of the available facts from this one.

Create your own space ships

Unleash the creativity of your little spacemen and women. Follow a suggested design if you want to earn space facts, or make your own for the sheer fun of it! There are so many variations, they'll never want to build the same rocket twice!

NO in-app purchases • 5 training modes • Space Mazes • Rocket Flying • Match the Pairs • Order the Planets • Create Rocket Masterpieces • Collect Space Facts • Unleash Your Inner Astronaut! •